Here are the biggest challenges they face when relocating and getting settled.

Apartment hunting is hell on earth

No matter where you move in the world, one thing is constant—ridiculous rental markets.

Finding a long-term place to stay is hardly one of the best part of an international move. But it definitely seems to be one of the trickiest. Navigating strange rental markets is a time suck: viewing properties, inevitably losing out on the good ones because someone got there first, realizing how much money you have to put down…

And don’t forget the final boss: the Landlord…and it’s sympathy. Who can kill your plan immediately…

Cultural differences make a difference

Cultural differences as one of their biggest relocation-related challenges.

Because the thing about people from different countries is that they tend to be… different.

Planting a new person in a new environment can have all sorts of bizarre consequences. On a spectrum that starts at “struggling to identify milk at the grocery store” and goes up to things like “struggling to form meaningful friendships” and “crushing loneliness”, there’s a lot of room for a person to start feeling lost.

Bureaucracy is a buzzkill

Visas! Permits! Visiting authorities! Forms. Paperwork…Tough one!

Keeping track of all your relocation documents. Impossible-to-follow spreadsheets are probably involved somehow. So it’s no wonder that updates get lost in the cracks occasionally.

Without help, this can be deeply frustrating. Messing around with immigration paperwork as a non-expert just isn’t worth it. It takes forever, is too easy to mess up, and—let’s be honest—is just the absolute worst.

A lot hinges on a smooth relocation and immigration process for your brand new hires. Don’t leave it to chance. You’ll thank yourself late.