Moving to a new country is exciting. Equipping people with the mindset to thrive abroad is crucial. It is not only about the logistics of the move, but feelings and emotions that follow.

Your integration is key for your own success in both: professionally and privately. It helps your transition including your career and emotional well-being into the Swiss environment.  It creates an easier less stressful way for you and your family to move and hit the ground running. Cultural adoption, knowing the ground rules, how to live together with locals.

And who can be your best support in this, if not someone from the local community? A local buddy!.. who understands your feelings with empathy and may speak your own native language.

The person(s) whom you can ask, meet online or face to face, whom you can rely on, who will be happy to explore and explain the best what Swiss life offers. Who can tell stories and guide you around “Swissness” which is not not just a city walk but sharing insights in Swiss life and values to help new arrivals to join in and feel at home.

The heart of our integration services are a team of spirited locals, backed by openness, transparency, community, and agility. They are RelocSA community network who are supporting you in your successful and happy “touch down”.