Our Corporate Social Responsibility

As responsible business stakeholders our overall ambition is to achieve positive impact on people and the planet. Altogether, we have great opportunity to make positive differences, substantial and long lasting changes making the World a bit better place to live.

Better Education for Children in Uganda

We believe in power of knowledge. We support long term educational programmes and projects which target some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities in Uganda. These projects and programmes empower children and youth to go to school, learn, grow with meaning and able to lift themselves from poverty and ultimately to create better lives not only for themselves but their families and communities. Whoever, wherever they are…

Some background information

RelocSA was created in 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. We are a Swiss company but also employ staff of various nationalities who are able to communicate in many languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian. Our staff are well qualified and come from a variety of professional backgrounds with significant experience in multinational companies especially in the areas of retail and supply chain.

We share the same values, mindset and the ultimate devotion towards our Customers.

Our network

Our tour guide network is built up of local residents. We work with open-minded, friendly individuals who are passionate about their city and its life, and about sharing it with newcomers creating a truly extraordinary and invaluable experience for them. We greatly value building authentic links between the local and expat communities.
Are you interested to work with us and be part of our network? No matter how old you are or what your job experience is, if you find our ideas interesting and you share our values, then get in touch with us!
Join our team!
Please contact: info@relocsa.ch

Our partners