As the world becomes more global, the trend in hiring international talents will continue to grow. It is profoundly true in the tech industry in excelling of today’s global marketplace economy.

For the new hire starting a new job is already a stressful experience. Moving to a new country just add on some extras… a great deal of uncertainty and frustrations. For companies, importing talents can come with various challenges, also.

So, onboarding of a new hire is, to use the technical term, a pretty big deal for both.

Having a relocation support can make the move more efficient and mitigate potential setbacks. To overcome some (or many) administrational, bureaucratic and logistic challenges in the whole settling in allows the new hire to concentrate on the new assignment with a clear mind from day one.

However, relocation support is not about compensating the new hire for the major life disruptions associated with the move. It is not about reimbursements and costs.

It is more about values and mutual understanding. An indication of a supportive and socially sensitive company culture which recognizes commitment and individual challenges of employees. A strong company culture which characterize and advertise the entire organization proudly and transparently to the new employees.

It will ensure that the next hire will be a good and lasting investment.