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LucaMoving to Zürich from Bologna
I am sort of « do it yourself » person by nature. When I planned my moving I wanted to follow the same attitude. I quickly realized that my whole moving is too complex and will not work by myself. Then I contacted RelocSA team. Together we went through my list quick and efficient. And finally I got what I wanted. Now I am sitting in the balcony of my new r ented apartment in Basel enjoying the sunshine. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am ready for trekking in the mountains…
Mary, Richie and Julie
Mary, Richie and Julie Moving to Basel agglomeration from Edinburgh
We were full with concerns moving from Scotland, surfing on the internet information on the city and its surroundings. But our biggest worry was immigration and registration rules and the schooling for Julie, of course. Well, frankly we were a bit overwhelmed and lost. It was getting clear that we needed some help. We found RelocSA and planned our move together in detail. We managed everything easy. Now we are living in a charming country house close to Basel. My husband, Richie was able to start his new assignment with full concentration on his work. Now, I have to take Julie in pre-school. They call it „Spielgruppe“. You see my German is getting better…
Stefan Moving to Basel from Hamburg
I moved from Germany to Basel. It was truly challenging due to my job assignment and related hectic travel plan. Hence, my free time is very valuable and I rather wanted to spend my vacation with my girlfriend than searching for apartments and so on. RelocSA helped me out with good planning and managing of my move and with some pre work we found a cosy apartment close to the city center in one single day. The next morning we fixed all the administration. WOW…It was really quick and smart…
Heidi Managing Director of an IT company in Zürich
We are a mid-sized company. The segment of industry where we operate is very competitive, fast growing and always changing. Hence we are growing or changing on our headcounts competences, constantly. As a principle, we want our freshly recruited and relocated colleagues to concentrate on their assignment and take up work at full capacity from day one. We greatly value that our newcomers can avoid disturbances or even interruptions by dealing with domestic issues that any move may entail. With RelocSA all of them made their first step successfully in their new environment. And this matters a lot for us…
How easy to find a good apartment in Switzerland?2020-04-20T12:32:35+00:00

Depends on regions. In general, the Swiss real estate market is very challenging. In big cities, like Zurich, Basel or Geneva usually the property vacancy rate is low and additionally the turnaround between tenants is high. The demand for apartments and houses is massive and vacant properties attract the interests of many applicants.  People are really chasing the few available properties.

Are they expensive?2019-12-06T14:23:33+00:00

Yes, they are, especially in big cities. As a golden rule, you may calculate that the renting cost should not exceed the 30% of your income.

Any concerns regarding lease contracts?2019-12-06T14:23:36+00:00

You have to apply for the apartment or house you like. The market is extremely fast moving therefore your decision should be made quickly. If you hesitate with your application, you may miss out on your favorite one(s).

How is about lease guarantee? Should I pay something?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

You are required to pay security deposit. Usually it is three month’s rent (sometimes two, only) and should be paid in addition to your first month’s rent of your new home. It is a bank guarantee and kept frozen at local Swiss bank account. When you leave your apartment, it is returned.

Security deposit…are there any alternative solutions?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

Normally you may ask your employer for a loan. Other options to avoid the payment of the security deposit is to turn to an insurer.

Swiss school systems – how does it work?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

Primary school begins at age six. It is compulsory and free. At the end of the primary level, a child must continue on to lower secondary schooling. This schooling is compulsory and free and marks the final stages of mandatory education. At the age of around 15, pupils move to higher secondary level, which generally lasts three to four years. Upper secondary education is not mandatory and is divided into two groups: general education and vocational. About 20-30% of students go to senior high school.

…and Swiss private schools?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

They are available also in both, primary and secondary level from the price range of 2000 CHF and more…. The main language of education is mainly English and/or French.

…and kindergartens in Switzerland?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

The minimum enrolment age for kindergarten is currently set by the cantons and is usually between the age of four and five. Kindergarten lasts until a child begins primary school in age of six.

Can I bring my car with me?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

Yes, of course…and it is the subject of Swiss custom clearance. However, you might choose another solution. Just simply buy one in Switzerland.

How is about pets? Can I take my Labrador with me?2020-04-20T12:32:53+00:00

Certainly. You must have your dog vaccinated to cross borders. Microchipping is mandatory as is registration in national database. Only a vet can do this, so please, visit one of them upon your arrival. You must also register your dog with the local government (Gemeinde) and pay annual dog tax, it is around 150 CHF per dog. One more thing! Most cantons require dog-owners liability insurances.

How is about Swiss taxation?2019-12-06T14:20:00+00:00

Your employer is obliged to meet your tax liability which means regardless of your nationality, your company has to deduct your taxes at source from your salary and transfer it to the Swiss tax authorities.

Should I submit tax declaration?2019-12-06T15:00:54+00:00

If your annual gross salary is less than CHF 120,000 then you are not required to submit a tax return. Your tax liability is settled with the payment of tax at source. Same, when you are married and neither of you has a source of income taxed in excess of that amount.
If your annual gross income exceeds CHF 120,000 you have to submit a tax declaration.
In determining of your tax-rate, the cantonal tax regime applies. Those can be different.
You may optimize your tax return if/when you carefully select your residence. Like in Basel area where three different cantons meet in close distance.

How much the health insurances cost in Switzerland?2019-12-06T14:19:59+00:00

Depends on the coverage. There are many insurers in the market where you can find your range between 250 and 500 CHF per month in average, depending on your age, health status, etc…

What is the main benefit having professional support in my relocation to Switzerland?2020-03-09T22:56:56+00:00

Moving, relocating to a new country makes countless challenges:

  • In process aspect: immigration, lease contract, registration, schooling… compliance with rigorous Swiss regulations, which are sometimes different on cantonal level and requires hefty administration, process knowledge and language skills.
  • In logistic aspect: you may avoid and save yourself from considerable amount of emails, phone calls, administrations, meetings, time and money and risk, if something goes wrong…mistakes and failures.
  • In professional aspect: you can fully concentrate on your work from day one in your new assignment. Your new employer may expect this from you…
  • In personal aspect: you just stay relaxed and happy.