Just feel, like at home…

When you start your new assignment in a new country there are always number of new challenges you may face. Exploring a new culture, local customs and habits, how people are living and relating… It is relevant and quiet exciting journey. Applying your cultural sensitivity and right behavior into relations with locals and others: that is key for your seamless integration and happy life in Switzerland. We want to support you in this journey with an online intercultural training.

Guide tour around „Swissness”

The core of our service is extraordinary, open-minded and friendly local people who love their city and the Swiss way of life, know the local customes and habits, the written and unwritten rules, showcase and explain them in details to newcomer expats. Someone who is able to tell stories not only about the city, it`s past and presence but the Swiss culture, values, the way of living and the everyday life related practicalities like dealing with authorities, using public transport and many others.
The entire experience is built on a link between you and someone from the local community, creating an interesting learning program for a half a day guide tour inside your city in Switzerland.