Are you or your mobility, HR partner (or anyone) collecting regularly feedbacks from newly hired relocation customers? Are these inputs really relevant? Can customers fairly evaluate efforts and services such as immigration or relocation? Especially in a new country, sometimes in a totally new legal, regulatory, or cultural environment or a stressed real estate market?

Hmm… Not always. But…

The point is, there is no way forward, without it.

Zero customer feedback unables to understand not only the customer experience but the efforts to bring value to them.

In nutshell, VoC matters very much.

Without them it is hard to set priorities and goals consistent with their requirements, preferences and needs. And consumer preferences are in rapid change.

Actually, it is neither scientific nor complicated… Best practice is to collect insights into customers’ wants and needs through their own words. We just ask the right questions to understand the customer journey. To figure out what do they really care about.

In a simple process:

We ask and gather feedbacks across all the important touch points in the customer or user journey.

We analyze inputs to draw conclusions. The key insights will show us where to take action.

We act and turn Voice of Customer insights into actions that improve customer’s journey, and truly drive change towards customer satisfaction…if, it is needed.

Whether on our digital channels or in-person, feedbacks may cover everything on customer experiences during their journey with us. Feedback is a vital part of improving our businesses with customers in mind, and with it we’re sure to create and sustain a strong, customer-centric culture. With a smile…