Loner Living does not necessarily mean loneliness. And single dwelling is not a trend specific to one generation or culture. More and more people across the world are living alone and embracing their independent lifestyles. The Pew Research Center estimates that by the time today’s US young adults turn 50, 25% of them will have been single their whole life.

People may be pushed to the single lifestyle because they chose their career over companionship, as they are less likely to create a strict boundary between work and personal life.

These consumers are mobile and flexible, moving away from traditional and seeking the individual, authentic services with budget-conscious mindset.

Brands have a long way to go to partner with them as they develop their own independent lifestyles…great challenges for all kind of industries to win the business of Loner Living consumers.

And when it comes to their relocation…We are catching up with their preferences offering them affordable, smaller size housing units with very flexible conditions.