Over the last decade, technology has evolved from facilitating communication to enabling multi-dimensional interactions and collective experiences. In our personal lives, from dating to education, we have grown to expect more authentic, life-like interactions online. As our technological capabilities and comfort using them grow, so will the range of things we can do, create or experience together, remotely. This evolution will continue to shape how we connect and collaborate with our friends, colleagues and increasingly, strangers.

Professional communication has evolved to include video and text chatting, real-time document collaboration, and virtual meetings with participants from across the globe. Yet some industries have had to contend with technological and regulatory barriers that we are just now overcoming, opening the door for industries such as healthcare, education, and yes, the mobility! to move more of their collaboration online.

In RelocSA, we are transforming and quickly adapting to virtual options. Processes that require in-person visits are replaced by digital alternatives as new technologies are pushing the boundaries of which types of professional interactions can be done online.

We are with our customers, always. While we are apart, but digitally together.