European tech can grow faster by tapping into hidden talent pools. The number of professional developers compared with the amount of capital invested in countries across the region suggests that many countries have the potential to export their best talents. At the same time, Swiss software companies planned to massively increase their workforce and with fast pace adding additional 20 000 employees by 2019.

However, in just a few short months, COVID-19 as global pandemic transformed people’s lives on an unprecedented scale, impacted every industry, and altered the course of companies’ growth.

But the pandemic has not slowed innovation—it’s amplifying it to historic levels!

Scalable digital business models, or data-enabled healthcare initiatives, or developments in e-Commerce area…as the result, Switzerland’s tech sector is booming. From tech giants to start ups and everything in between Swiss tech businesses offer outstanding opportunities for young international talents to contribute and develop their competences.

And we are happy to assist them…