Above all, Generation Z are looking for an environment that is supple, in all senses of the word. A job must propose a flexible work schedule and have a laid back atmosphere. Young people prefer to grow within companies with a less rigid and less formal hierarchy. According to a survey by bank PNB Paribas, if the pay were the same, 25% of them would choose a more fun company.

For them, the ideal company is understanding, ethical, open, egalitarian and innovative.  They are seeking out jobs that are not only fulfilling, but also meaningful and that allow them to get involved.  They do not, however, have an idyllic concept of the world of work. According to a study by American employment agency Robert Half, 77% of young people think they will have to work harder than previous generations.

And these values appear in their consumptions, also. Generation Z consumers are more conscious and rejecting the mass-produced and generic.
They favour products and services which are simplified, back to basics and of better quality, with an implied level of status. They search for authentic, differentiated experiences.

In relocation services, it applies also.